InstantAmber helps parents and law enforcement agencies improve response times and synchronize search efforts when the unthinkable happens...A Child Goes Missing.

By providing to law enforcement in a standard format the information they need in time of emergency, InstantAmber provides you Protection & Peace of Mind

What experts say about InstantAmber...

"InstantAmber effectively uses technology to offer parents an easy, affordable tool for keeping their children safer. It's preventative medicine against a missing child tragedy."

Joel Clingenpeel Joel Clingenpeel, MD
Child Safety House Calls

Coming Soon! Online Protection with PureAlert Providing Child Safety - Online and Offline

Whether it's Cyberbullying, Cyberstalking, Internet Porn, Facebook, MySpace or dangerous Chatting and Texting you can now protect your child's online experience with PureAlert, a joint technology service from PureSight and InstantAmber.

Product availability starting in Q4 2011.